Private sex contacts ghana accra

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Despite attempts by the CBOs to recruit peer educators that represented different MSM sub-groups, the majority were less than 25 years old.

In 2012, peer educators reached more than 12,000 MSM, most between the ages of 15 and 24 years old (FHI 360, 2012).

There was little overlap among the MSM reached by the two methods.

The use of social media is a very important avenue for reaching MSM who are not reached by peer educators in Ghana.

Peer educators and DIC staff assigned unique identifier codes to all MSM they reached (for the protection of their clients).

In light of the repressive environment, most interactions with peer educators are one-on-one.The same study found that less than half (44.8%) of the surveyed MSM population had accessed HIV-prevention services in the previous year, and that 37% in Greater Accra and 23% in Kumasi had been reached by a peer educator.They also estimated a population of 30,579 MSM in Ghana.Outreach events are organized in a safe, discreet location, where from 20 to 50 MSM can take part in role-playing games and on-site HTC and STI services.These are known as “Love n’ Trust” events, which focus on the promotion of safer sex, routine HTC and STI screening, and partner HIV-status communication.

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